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Big Wave Awards 2017 nominees - WSL

Nazaré waves with 11 nominations

Big Wave Awards 2017 nominees - WSL

Yesterday, March 28, the World Surf League revealed the nominees for the Big Wave Awards 2017. The waves in this contest were surfed between March 16, 2016 and March 21, 2017.

Several places on the planet offered us the big waves. Each place with a typical wave, like Jaws, in Hawaii, Mavericks, in California, Puerto Escondido, in Mexico, Shipsturn Bluf in Tasmania, The Right in Australia, Mullaghmore in Ireland, the famous North Beach, in Nazaré, Portugal, among others.

In the photo below, by André Botelho, we have the famous wave of Francisco Porcella, in Nazaré, a gift from the skies and the canyon, that this surfer knew how to ride!! He surfed the wave for about 40 seconds (!!) getting cheers and whistling from the audience present. Has great potential to win the Ride of the Year award. Good luck Francisco!

There are 7 categories in the contest: TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave, Billabong Ride of the Year, Biggest Paddle, Best Tube, TAG Heuer Wipeout, Women's Performance and Surfline Men's Best Overall Performance. Nazaré is nominee in all categories, with 11 nominations, beating the nominations of last year. Surfers of various nationalities are nominees, including Portugal. Hugo Vau is the only Portuguese nominee in the Biggest Wave category. Good luck!

In addition to surfers, photographers and videographers are also nominee. Without their hardwork, it would be impossible for the worldwide divulgation and recognition of the big wave surf. Some Portuguese photographers are in the nominations, such as,Pedro Cruz, João Serpa, Mauro Correia, Miguel Chaby, Silvino Esperança, Hugo Silva, Hélio António, Bruno Aleixo, Pedro Miranda, Guilherme Soares Jorge Figueira, Manuel Ricardo, Carriço Luis, Abel Santos Preceves Pollicipes Vítor Estrelinha and André Botelho. André Botelho, the official photographer of Nazarewaves site, is nominee for 3 waves: Biggest Wave, with Francisco Porcella and Padle Award, with a wave of Lucas Chianca and another one of Jamie Mitchell.

Winners, including surfers, photographers and videographers, will be revealed at the annual ceremony, the Big WaveAwards  2017, on April 29th in California, United States. The following is the list of nominees:

1.TAG Heuer XXL Biggest Wave –  5 nominees
Trevor Carlson at Nazaré
Kai Lenny at Jaws
Francisco Porcella at Nazaré -Portugal (fev 2017) - Photos by Bruno Aleixo, Pedro Bala, André Botelho, Silvino Esperanca and Rafael Riancho. Video by Timelapse Media
Sebastian Steudtner at Nazaré - Portugal (out 2016) -Photos by Bruno Aleixo, Helio Antonio, Miguel Chaby, Rafael Riancho and Hugo Silva. Video by Timelapse Media
Hugo Vau at Nazaré  -Portugal (out 2016) - Photos by Mauro Correia, Pedro Cruz and João Serpa. Video by Timelapse Media
Nominations for Nazaré: 4

2.Billabong Ride of the Year – 5 nominees
Ben Andrews em Mavericks, California – USA (nov 2016)
Lucas Chianca na Nazaré – Portugal (dez 2016) -Video by Nuno Dias
Bill Kemper em Jaws, Hawaii - USA (nov 2016)
Jamie Mitchell em Puerto Escondido – México (jun 2016)
Francisco Porcella na Nazaré – Portugal (fev 2017) -Video by Javier Goya
Nominations for Nazaré: 2

3.TAG Heuer Wipeout - 5 nominees
Wilem Banks em Maverick’s, California – USA (jan 2017)
Nathan Florence em Maverick’s, California – USA (jan 2017)
Dann Grifftis em Shipsturn Bluf - Tasmania – (jun 2017)
Tom Lowe na Nazaré – Portugal (out 2016) -Video by Nuno Dias
Rafael Tapia na Nazaré – Portugal (out 2016) -Video by Nuno Dias
Nominations for Nazaré: 2

4.Biggest Paddle - 5 nominees
Ben Andrews at Maverick's California – USA (jan 2017)
Trevor Carlson at Nazaré -Portugal (dez 2016) - Photos by Rafael Elias, Vitor Estrelinha and Guilherme Soares. Video by Andreas Jansen.
Lucas Chianca na Nazaré -Portugal (dez 2016) - Photos by Bruno Aleixo, André Botelho, Andrea Carminati, Pedro Cruz and Pedro Miranda. Video by Nuno Dias. 
Chris Mashburn at Maverick's
Jamie Mitchell na Nazaré -Portugal (dez 2016) - Photos by Bruno Aleixo, André Botelho and Guilherme Soares. Video by WSL Video Team.
Nominations for Nazaré: 3

5.Best Tube - 5 nominees
Dane Gudauskas at Cloudbreak, Fiji (maio 2016)
Conor Maguire at Mullaghmore na Irlanda (março 2017)
Brad Norris at The Right na Austrália (maio 2016)
Dan Ryan at The Right na Austrália (maio 2016)
Shanan Worrall at The Right na Austrália (maio 2016)
Nominations for Nazaré: 0

6.Women's Best Performance – 5 nominees
Paige Alms at Jaws
Justine Dupont at Nazaré, La Vaca and Maui
Keala Kennelly at Jaws
Nicole Pacelli at Oahu Outer Reef, Waimea and Jaws
Bianca Valenti at Puerto Escondido

7.Surfline Men's Best Overall Performance – 10 nominees
Grant Baker (Durban, South Africa)
Pedro Calado (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Trevor Sven Carlson (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA)
Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Billy Kemper (Haiku, Hawaii, USA)
Nic Lamb (Santa Cruz, California, USA)
Kai Lenny (Haiku, Hawaii, USA)
Greg Long (San Clemente, California, USA)
Jamie Mitchell (Currumbin, Queensland, Australia)
Francisco Porcella (Sardegna, Italy)


Check all the videos and photos in the website of the World Surf League:

worldsurfleague - big wave nominees

NOTE: We remenber that a swell, coming from the North Atlantic, arrived this afternoon at Nazaré. Sergio Cosme and Tó Cardoso entered the water. Tomorrow is expected a swell around 3meters and 15 seconds, with favourable wind. There my be good conditions for surfing. Stay in touch.

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