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  • Big waves season: October 2022 to March 2023
  • Wave* forecast** summary for next days (updated 23/Mar/2023):
    23-24 March 2023: giant waves
    Very strong swell with favorable wave direction (it has been rarer this season), and with very little wind, it should finally generate giant* waves (see caption below).
    The size of the waves should exceed 12 meters at least on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

    Maybe it was the last opportunity to hold the surf event/competition "Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge" (see below) this season, which is starting to have little chance of being realized in this season of big waves.

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    25-31 March 2023: medium waves
    Swell still with some intensity on the 25th of March, then it decreases on the 27th of March but increases on the 28th of March until reaching greater strength on the 31st of March, during these days there should be medium waves* (see caption below) and maybe some big waves on 31 March.
    Check the forecast again in the coming days, the further ahead, the more likely the forecast will change.
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    Start April 2023: Unforeseen
    It should be noted that the big wave period of this season usually ends in March, however there may still be big waves in April but it is less likely.
    If you still want to see the big waves live this winter, take advantage of these last strong swells.
    Check the forecast again in the coming days.
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  • Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge 2022/2023
    Annual surfing competition info
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* Wave height legend: giant waves +12 meters (+40 feet); big waves +7 meters (+23 feet); medium waves +3 meters (+10 feet); small waves less than 3 meters (10 feet); Indicates that on that day a good amount of waves with the indicated size is expected.
** Note: Forecasts can change/fail, check it regularly here, it will be updated, it is more accurate the closer to the date.