About Us

The website nazarewaves.com intends to show the day-by-day life in Nazaré (the small beach village in Portugal), specially what concerns the BigWaves in Praia do Norte (North Beach), considered the biggest waves in the World as well as all the great surfers and bodyboarders that defy such waves!

Our main goal is to show the World what's going on on a regularly baisis in Nazaré, keeping close contact with all local community and all people that love this unique place and show the World. We will post photo's, vídeos, local information, reports and grouping all related information with Nazaré, having as ultimate goal to be the reference website regarding Nazaré.

Nazaré is a special place. The beach faces directly the under water "Nazaré Canyon", a undersea canyon that reaches 5000 meters depth, unique in the World with these characteristics, that helps generating the big waves, when it receives storms from the Atlantic Ocean and there are good wind conditions amongst others.
Nazaré is a small village full of traditions with a unique culture, who deserves to be shown to the World.

And because the old fishmen who saw even bigger waves never surfed before...
We will keep this search for the harder, faster, stronger, biggest and perfect wave!

In the case you want to contribute with more information, photos, videos, etc, please contact us in Contact section.

We provide photo report services, if you are a surfer and need coverage to record the wave of your life, or want to get the original high-resolution photos, please contact us in the Contact section.

For pro surfers who want to surf the giant waves and need a support team with jet skis contact us in the Contact section.

Made by people who love Nazaré.