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Big waves winter season opening - 2016/2017

First giant swell of the season with surfers from around the world- 24/10/16

Big waves winter season opening - 2016/2017

Finally, the first big swell of this season as arrived. As we reported, giant waves were expected and the forecast did not fail, despite the strong wind at North Beach in Nazaré, on this day 10.24.2016.

Throughout the day many surfers to catch the 'bombs', mostly in tow-in with jet skis and some attempt at paddle, but it wasn’t easy.

Many surfers from around the world join in Nazaré, including: Sebastian Steudtner, João Macedo, Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira,  Hugo Vau, Andrew Cotton, Rafael Tapia, Coco Nogales, Lucas Chumbo, Marcelo Luna and Alessandro Marciano. Garret McNamara was in the jet ski, providing support and security for the surfers.

Check this amazing video from Center Portugal Tourism, about this day (24 October):

NAZARÉ CHALLENGE 2016 - Turismo do Centro de Portugal from slideshow on Vimeo.

You should also check this video shared by WSL, that shows the perspective from the jet ski, with a different angle that clearly shows the size of the waves.

The Mexican surfer Coco Nogales was one of the rookies in Nazaré. Follows a short report  with this surfer:

How was this surf session?

- It was a fantastic session with spectacular people in a magical place. It was my first time on waves of this size in Nazaré, and I felt the true power of the sea at this location.

What do you feel in a place like this (Nazaré)?

- When you're at sea you feel all the energy and power, which necessarily makes you feel respect.

Today’s session reached your expectations?

- Yes, it was a session where I tried to learn and understand the wave of Nazaré. I picked a good right and had a lot of fun among friends.

Thank you Coco and see you soon.

- See you soon and thanks to everyone involved in this project. A big hug.


Sebastian Steudtner surfed a big wave, which may be close to the world record ... good luck!

Look at today's session: (below the photos - zoom to enlarge): 

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