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"The winter is coming..." - Nazaré News

Nazaré Challenge, Bodyboard World Championship, "Capitulo Perfeito", early season of big waves - know all the news of Nazaré

"The winter is coming..." - Nazaré News

Finished the big summer of "small" waves, comes the winter in Portugal and the long awaited big waves in Nazaré!

We have some news, such as the World Bodyboarding Championship in Nazaré, the beginning of the Nazare Challenge (big waves) and the Capitulo Perfeito (Perfect Chapter Challenge).

On September 24 there was a day with a great swell and in October several good days are expected, the first will be on the next Monday, October 16, 2017, see the forecast and webcams.

This month was the opening event of the 2017 Nazare Challenge, a test of the big wave world championship in Nazaré, which takes place for the 2nd time on this beach, Praia do Norte at Nazaré. (See the report from last year here).

Below you can see the photos of this event, which joined the organization of WSL and some of the great surfers who will challenge the North Canyon at Nazaré.

The waiting period is from October 15, 2017 until February 28, 2018, the day of the race will be confirmed a few days in advance, when the best conditions are confirmed. It will have to occur that great storm on the high seas, which will bring the "beasts". Stay tuned and follow the site for the confirmation alert!

Some of the confirmed surfers: Jamie Mitchell, Nic Lamb, Garrett McNamara, Lucas Chianca, Francisco Porcela, João de Macedo, Hugo Vau, António Silva, Andrew Cotton, Tom Lowe, Greg Long, Will Skudin, Grant Baker.

Many tourists would like to know more about the date of the Nazare Challenge, but it is not possible to have long forecasts in advance, the best one we can get with the current technology is a week (more or less). So be aware and book the trip a week before, as soon as confirmation is given. If you can not, do not miss a trip to Nazaré between October and February, at least for two weeks, to have a good chance of catching at least one day of giant waves. Well, big waves are not always there, depending on the storms on the high seas that bring the great ripples. It is different from the Niagara Falls for example, another spectacular site to observe Nature, but in a more constant way. On the other hand Nazaré has this magic of not depending on us, but of Nature. There will be more information on the website soon, with help for tourists.

In the meantime, another test of the bodyboarding world championship in Nazaré (APB Tour) was held, with Tó Cardoso celebrating the victory, a boy from Nazaré! Another winner was Iain Campbell, who celebrated in Nazareth the world title of this modality. Congratulations also to Joana Schenker who won the women's competition. See the photos below, high flights.

The waiting period of the "Capitulo Perfeito" (Perfect Chapter) is also underway, this event intends to choose as the name indicates, a perfect wave day, for classic waves surfing between 2 and 3 meters. See the report of the Perfect Chapter of 2016, the year 2017 promises, with the success of the 2016 event. The surfers are already chosen, be aware of the site for the confirmation confirmation alert.

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