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Forecast** of significant days for strong waves (summary updated on December 9, 2023):
📅 7-13 December 2023: giant* waves
New strong swell, should generate giant* waves (see legend below).
December 8, 10, 11, and 12 should be the best days, with larger and better-formed waves, with light winds and occasionally offshore aiding in the good formation of the waves.
It should be a good weekend to go to Nazaré and witness this spectacle of Nature, with surfers challenging the big waves.
December 8th proved to be strong, with high waves surfed; see the report in the video from "Surfing Visions":

Some days of this period will be better than others (check back later for more details), it is very likely that there will be giant waves on some days and on other days there will be big waves.

This forecast is a few days away, it may change or shift in days. Check the forecast again in the coming days, the further ahead, the more likely the forecast is to change.

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📅 Forecast for the following relevant days

The new big wave season (October 2023 to April 2024) is showing a lot of strength, during part of October and November! Let's check December!

📅 16 and 21 December: big* waves possible
New swells may generate medium to big* waves (see legend below).

This forecast is many days away and is quite uncertain, it is likely to change or shift in the coming days.
Check the forecast again in the coming days; the further ahead, the more likely the forecast is to change.

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Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge
🏄 Annual surfing competition info
tudor nazare big wave challenge 2023/24 banner
  • The current waiting period for the surf competition TUDOR Nazaré Big Wave Challenge is from November 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024 (winter in Portugal), to be held on a day without a fixed date, subject to a favorable forecast, announcement by the WSL.
    Subscribe to the Email Alert service (see below) to be notified in time when the event date is confirmed.
  • NEW: check recent WSL video explaining the competition format for 2023/2024.
  • Last event held on February 10, 2022: highlights video
  • More details about the annual big wave surfing competition in Nazaré
Big waves season
🌊 October 2023 to March 2024

📅🌊❄️ Big Waves Annual Calendar:
The current big wave season already started in September/October 2023 and lasts until March/April 2024.

Tourist Tips:
See more information on when to go to Nazaré and how long you should stay to see the giant waves, in addition to other tips for tourists.

Hotels in Nazaré:
Looking for accommodation in Nazaré? See the availability in hotels or houses using our partner Booking booking.com
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🏄 Surfers:
More and more surfers from all over the world are coming to challenge the big waves of Nazaré. On the days when there are good waves, ranging from small to giant waves, it's guaranteed that there will be surfers in the water, providing a spectacle for those watching from the hillside of the lighthouse and North Beach (Praia do Norte).

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Nazaré Big Waves News

Follow regular news about the big waves of Nazaré - Portugal, the biggest waves in the world. View photos, videos and reports about surf sessions, bodyboard and other sports.

* Wave height legend: giant waves +12 meters (+40 feet); big waves +7 meters (+23 feet); medium waves +3 meters (+10 feet); small waves less than 3 meters (10 feet); Indicates that on that day a good amount of waves with the indicated size is expected.
** Note: Forecasts can change/fail, check it regularly here, it will be updated, it is more accurate the closer to the date.