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  • Big waves season: October 2023 to March 2024
  • Wave* forecast** summary for next days (updated 2 June 2023):
    1-15 June 2023: small waves
    Very weak swell in most of the days, it will generate very small waves* (see caption below).
    Check the forecast again in the next few days, it may change.

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    Big Waves Annual Calendar
    End of Big Wave Season
    It should be noted that the big wave period usually ends in March, however there may still be big waves in April but it is less likely.

    Note: The last season has not been very consistent in the generation of giant waves, due to the lack of big storms in the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes it happens, hopefully it will be better next winter.

    Check graphical forecast
    Next Big Wave Season
    The next big wave season starts in September/October 2023, see more information on when to go to Nazaré and how long you should stay to see the giant waves, in addition to other tips for tourists.
  • Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge
    Annual surfing competition info
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Nazaré Big Waves News

Follow regular news about the big waves of Nazaré - Portugal, the biggest waves in the world. View photos, videos and reports about surf sessions, bodyboard and other sports.

* Wave height legend: giant waves +12 meters (+40 feet); big waves +7 meters (+23 feet); medium waves +3 meters (+10 feet); small waves less than 3 meters (10 feet); Indicates that on that day a good amount of waves with the indicated size is expected.
** Note: Forecasts can change/fail, check it regularly here, it will be updated, it is more accurate the closer to the date.