Nazaré Big Waves News

Surfers from all World at Nazaré - 23 Dec

December continues to make big waves at Nazaré, we still expect the greatest day ever, that should arrive one day. Today 12/23/2015 the Big Riders took had fun on paddling and with tow-in. There were good times throughout the day, with the waves of around 10 to 15 meters!

Notice that Kalani Lattanzi went in the middle of the action but without any type of board, doing Bodysurf!

Tomorrow the swell continues solid, but 30 of December is coming up with the strongest 2015 forecast, be aware!

The wishes everyone a happy Christmas and good New Year.

Check today photos with the following surfers:

Garrett McNamara, Alessandro Marciano, Maya Gabeira, Hugo Vau, Nuno Santos, Tom Lowe, Tom Butler, Cliff brothers, Andrew Cotton, Sebastian Steudtner, Nic Lamb, Ross Clarke-Jones, Alex Botelho, Nic Von Rupp, João Macedo, Kalani, Rafael Tapia and David Langer.

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