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Series '100 Foot Wave' wins Emmy!

Series filmed in Nazaré wins Cinematography Award

Series '100 Foot Wave' wins Emmy!

The HBO series 100 Foot Wave, focused on big wave surfing in Nazaré, Portugal, was awarded the Emmy for "Best Cinematography For a Nonfiction Program - 2023".

This award, highlighting the series' 3rd season, is a testament to its impressive quality and the cinematography team's skill in capturing the exciting and dangerous giant waves. The series, ideal for travel and adventure enthusiasts, offers a visually captivating experience of the challenging nature of surfing big waves. The team, including Antoine Chicoye, Mikey Corker, the Portuguese João Vidinha, and others, demonstrated remarkable skill in portraying the beauty and strength of the ocean, bringing to the audience a detailed view of this extreme sport.

"100 Foot Wave" not only celebrates visual excellence but also marks its continued success in the world of documentary filmmaking, attracting a global audience fascinated by the interaction between humans and the powerful forces of nature.

Watch the video about the event, shared on social media by Garret Mcnamara, the main protagonist of the series 100 Foot Wave:

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Last year, this series had already won the same award.

See more photos of the winning team and more information about the 3rd season of the series "100 Foot Wave".

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