Nazaré Big Waves News

Videos of the start of the season for big waves

Surf sessions and backstage at Nazaré

October and early November 2015 brought good waves to Nazaré. We present below some videos of this early season of big waves with surfing sessions and backstage.

Video of 30/10/2015 surf session with Maya Gabeira, Sebastian Steudtner, Rafael Tapia, David Langer and Hugo Vau, among others:


Video of 30/10/2015 surf session, with Maya Gabeira in the backstage before getting into the water:


Video of Sebastian Steudner surfing on 10/27/2015 a great wave (source WSL Big Wave Awards):


Video of Garret McNamara surfing one of the biggest waves of this season on 1st of November (source WSL Big Wave Awards):

Next week from thursday 11th november is expected next big swell, follow the reports and photos here!

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