Nazaré Big Waves News

1st Session of November 2015

November arrives with giant ripple

Sunday 1 November 2015, the swell was expected to increase and that came true early in the morning. The Big Riders headed the Nazaré North Canyon to challenge the biggest waves in the world, whose session went well, with many surfers in water and without major scares.

The following surfers entered the water:

Alemão de Maresias, Andrew Cotton, Carlos Burle, Garrett McNamara, Hugo Vau, João de Macedo (paddling!), Maya Gabeira, Nuno Santos, Pedro Scooby, Rafael Tapia, Rodrigo Koxa, Sebastian Steudtner, Sergio cosme, Vítor Faria and Alessandro Marciano.

To date, this was the day with the biggest waves of this season.
Here we will show you the next sessions, always in search of the biggest wave!

Check below the amazing photo gallery:

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