Nazaré Big Waves News

Classic waves day at Praia do Norte

Great surfers and bodyboarders riding heavy waves

Friday 23 October 2015 was a day with great waves at North Beach in Nazaré, where a large group of surfers and bodyboardes enjoyed the classic waves, the pictures speak for themselves, check below!


  • Maya Gabeira
  • Joana Andrade
  • Sérgio Cosme
  • Hugo Vau
  • Pedro Scooby
  • Carlos Burle
  • Alemão de Maresias
  • Eric Rebiere
  • Sebastian Steudtner
  • Andrew Cotton
  • Garrett McNamara
  • David Langer
  • Rafael Tapia
  • Ale Marciano
  • Marcelo Luna


  • António Cardoso
  • Dino Carmo
  • Pierre Louis Costes

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