Nazaré Big Waves News

Clean and big, waiting for tomorrow – 18 February

Big and pretty waves but no surf in Nazaré

This Thursday, February 18, brought us a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a nice surf session, but it was very windy and the waves were not surfable. Some surfers entered the water, but not for long.

All eyes are pointing for tomorrow! The forecast indicates a decrease in the wind, a reasonable swell (3.7 meters) and a good period (15 seconds).

See the beautiful photos of today and wait for tomorrow news.

NOTE: check the North Beach photos taken from the Village Beach, which clearly reveals the difference between the waves of the two beaches of Nazaré: a flat area and the area of formation of the giant waves (where two waves meet and greatly increase their size.)


(The photos of this day are below - click to enlarge)

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