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Surfers confirm Day Off - Nazaré 9 February

Surfers enter the water but cancel training session

Training session with the following surfers:  the Portuguese Nuno Santos, the American Toby Cunningham, the Italian Alessandro Marciano and the Australians Jarryd Foster e Mick Corbett.

On the Carnival day, the North Beach brought us another "day off"!

The morning brought cloudy weather and strong wind, on a day that didn’t promise big waves. Still, the five surfers gathered at the Shelter Harbor in preparation for the surfing session.

Around 8:30am Nuno Santos, Toby Cunningham, Alessandro Marciano, Jarryd Foster and Mick Corbett entered the water. The surfers found a very hungover sea and a strong onshore! Although they catch some waves, the conditions were poor. The highest were around the 9 meters, but most were smaller and inconsistent, away from the typical waves of North Beach.

The training didn’t take place and around 10am they returned. Is it commendable the perseverance of the five surfers, even with poor conditions entered the water and tried to seize the minimum potential of this day.

The weekly forecast continues to indicate strong winds, unfavorable to surf.

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