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Foster,Corbett, Marciano and Cunningham - 7 February

Australians, the Italian Marciano and the American Cunningham face rough sea and big waves in North Beach

 Training session with the following surfers: the Australians Jarryd Foster and Mick Corbett, the Italian Alessandro Marciano and the American Toby Cunningham

 By 13:00 p.m this Sunday, the fearless Jarryd Foster, Mike Corbett, Alessandro Marciano and Toby Cunningham entered the North Beach waters.

The sea was rough and the waves were not easy to catch! Ideally, the wave must break towards the northwest, away from the lighthouse and the cliffs. Today, unfortunately, some waves were breaking very close to the rocks and didn’t allow the surfers to take advantage of its full potential. Still, Jarryd and Mick managed to catch some great waves. It wasn’t easy but it was enough to have fun and spend a good time in "big surfing".

The Forecast for the next few days indicates an increase in the swell and wave period. For tomorrow, monday, it is expected a swell between 3.6 to 4.2 meters. In Tuesday, the forecast shows a maximum of 5.5 meters but during the night. By day is expected a swell reaching the beach between 5 and 4,4 meters. The period will be between 18 and 15 seconds.

We remember that the expected swell may suffer a magnification of at least 3 times, when it enters Nazaré, due to the effects of the submarine canyon. Therefore, a wave of 5 meters, on entering the North Beach can become, at least, in a wave of 15 meters.

Despite the good conditions of swell and period, the wind is expected to be strong, which can ruin the good formation of the waves and mess up the surf sessions!

We’ll keep waiting! Good waves!

See the pictures bellow on the 7th February (click to amplify)

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