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Jason Polakow debut windsurf in Nazaré - 2 Feb

Windsurf for the first time at Nazaré North Beach with big waves.

Training session with the following surfers: the Portuguese Sérgio Cosme, the Brazilian Marcelo Luna,  the australians Jarryd Foster, Mick Corbett e Jason Polakow (windsurf), the Havaiian Kalani Lattanzi and the American David Langer.

On 2nd February 2016 the North Beach was in "day off", as they say in the surf language! The forecast showed an acceptable swell (3.8m at sea) and a good period (17 seconds) but the conditions got worse. The wind was also a bit strong.

Surfers eagerly awaited for the morning, to analyze the actual conditions, but the canyon disappointed! The Big Riders headed to the canyon for 8.30am. The first hour started well but then the fog insisted on staying and the surfers could not continue the surf session. Surfing is like that, unpredictable! Even with a good forecast, only in the moment they find out if the waves are surfable or not!

Kalani Lattanzi debuted his first surfboard in tow in and was the one who made more waves!

We saw windsurfing for the first time in North Beach, with the famous Jason Polakow, world champion of windsurfing in 1997 and 1998! The photo report is from Miguel Chaby.

[UPDATE] Check the video of Jason Polakow session from

We continue to watch the forecast and waiting for the weather and the Nazaré Canyon to offer us good and big waves!

Check the photos bellow on the 2nd of February (click to amplify):

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