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Surfers from all around the world - 23 January

Training session with surfers from all around the World at Nazaré at 23 December 2016.

Training session with the following surfers: the Portuguese Hugo Vau, Sérgio Cosme and Joana Andrade, the British Andrew Cotton, the Australians Jarryd Foster and Mick Corbett, the Brazilians Thiago Jacare, Marcelo Luna and Fabiano Tissot, the Italian Ale Marciano and the Americans Toby Conningham and David Langer.

With the temperature rising and the sun peeking, Nazaré offered a pretty nice day. The forecast was good and the peak of the swell coincided with the high tide (14:35 pm).

In fact, the surfing conditions were acceptable: waves up to 11 meters, period in 16 seconds, coming from northwest and no strong wind. They were not giant waves… but they were inviting and several surfers entered the water for a tow-in session.

Ale Mariano teamed with Toby Cunningham and Jarryd Foster and Mick Corbett felt the canyon strength! Brazilian Thiago Jacare, Marcelo Luna and Fabiano Tissot enthusiastically awaited this day and caught some good waves, has Sérgio Cosme, Joana Andrade and David Langer did. Hugo Vau and Andrew Cotton came especially for this day!

The morning offered better conditions than the afternoon. Throughout the day the sea become a little rought and the waves became more difficult. Surfers were then able to train their skills and feel the strength of the North Beach waves.

At the end of the session surfers were satisfied! The weather was "clean", they trained, they enjoyed and no one got hurt.

(The pictures of this surf session are below)

WARNING: The forecast suggests that this month the sea of Nazaré will provide big waves, so stay tuned to our news!

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