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The biggest wave ever paddled - 24 Dec!

24 of December 2015 was a memorable day in what concerns to Nazaré surf history. It sounds like Will Skudin surfed the biggest wave ever paddled (no tow-in on jet ski), not only for Nazaré but for all World, check the RedChargers photo:

Biggest wave ever paddled Nazare

Check your measures seeing the video bellow and check the brutal away how the surfer is pulled to the bottom of the sea:


Will Skudin said that he was so satisfied by making the wave as to get alive on the ground!

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At Nazaré the human capacity is being taken to extreme, it’s a less predicted place and with biggest waves (it seems) in comparison to other well-known big wave spots like Mavericks, Jaws, Todos Santos, where the waves seem to be more easy to catch by paddling.

Check other video taken on that day in the morning (23 Dec), with big waves at Praia do Norte, Nazaré.

 There is a new alert for big waves at Nazaré, between 30 of de December 2015 and 2 of January 2016!

Nazare forecast end year 2015 Windguru

We will have a big end of year with big waves, be alert and check new report here soon.

Check bellow more photos of this 23 December paddling session, sent by Jorge Figueira, with Will Skudin, Nic Lamb, Andrew Cotton, Jamie Mitchell, Alex botelho, João Macedo, between other surfers.

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