Nazaré Big Waves News

Surf paddling at Nazaré - 21 December 2015

The swell of the past weekend didn’t come as strong as expected! The wind also didn’t help the wave’s formation.

That’s Nazaré, special and unpredictable, as mentioned by Garrett McNamara on his facebook page.

That said, on Saturday and Sunday there wasn’t many chance for surfing.

But today, Monday (21/12/2015), although the waves weren’t giant, some pretty big waves emerged in a calm sea.

Therefore, several surfers entered the water. Ross Clarke-Jones began with tow-in but then they all went to paddling!

Next Wednesday is expected a big swell and December 30th as well.

See the spectacular today's photos, bellow, with the following surfers:

Nic Von Rupp, Ross Clarke-Jones, Garrett McNamara, Hugo Vau, Sergio Cosme, Nuno Santos, Rafael Tapia, Tom Butler, Alessandro Marciano, Kalani S Lattanzi, Nic Lamb, Tom Lowe.


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