Nazaré Big Waves News

November ends BIG at Nazaré

2 guys on the same wave

The last day of November promised big waves, confirmed in the morning, with the Big Riders who enter the water. Some of them paddling and other on tow-in with jet ski.

The highlight of the session clearly goes to Alex Botelho (Portuguese from Algarve), who gave spectacle paddling to the big waves, and the the bomb of the day was for the Chilean Rafael Tapia, that says goodbye to Nazaré, going to Hawaii.

The forecast continues to promise for the next days, but is going to slow down a little bit, but should still give good waves at Nazaré throughout the week Be aware of more reports in the coming days.

Check below for spectacular shots, some with several surfers in the same big wave!


Rodrigo Koxa, Sérgio Cosme, Vítor Faria, Nuno Santos, Sebastian Steudtner, David Langer, Maya Gabeira, Rafael Tapia, Alessandro Marciano, Alex Botelho (paddling), Hugo Vau.

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