Nazaré Big Waves News

Nazaré surf session - 13 November 2015

Amazing waves

As expected, the big waves appeared this week, in theory today was the day of the week with the highest peaks.

Surfers returned to water and provided another great photo gallery.

Surfers in the photos:

Garrett McNamara, Maya Gabeira, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Kealii Mamala, Carlos Burle, Rodrigo Koxa, Vítor Faria, Sebastian steudtner, David Langer, Rafael Tapia. 

During this weekend the waves should continue breaking at North Beach, in principle not so big, still beautiful to see, it deserves a jump there if you can, surfers must enter the water.

See the menu info web cam before you go.

For more information about Nazaré big waves phenomena, please check the page about Nazaré North Canyon.

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