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Surfers challenge the giant storm

Extreme conditions and possibly a new record for the biggest wave

 Surfers challenge the giant storm

The giant swell that occurred from February 21 to 27, 2024, previously announced in the alert zones, brought a strong storm to the coast. However, on February 24, despite the extreme conditions and strong wind, some surfers, including Lucas Chianca (Chumbo) and Sebastian Steudner, faced the sea and surfed some of the biggest waves ever seen. Fortunately, everything went without incident.

There is a possibility that a new record for the biggest wave ever surfed has been set.

[NEW] Check out the Surfing Vision video, with a full report on this giant swell:

Watch the following video (raw footage) and try to draw your own conclusions about the waves size:

February 24, 2024, will be remembered for its impressive waves, also captured in the following video:

Currently, the Guinness record for the biggest wave surfed belongs to Sebastian Steudner, achieved in 2022 for a wave surfed in 2020, measuring 26.21 meters in height (official measurement).

Learn more about the wave records in Nazaré here.

See below some webcam photos throughout the entire day of February 24, 2024, still caught some bombs in the photos (click to enlarge):

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