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Big Wave Awards Winners 2018 - WSL

Rodrigo Koxa breaks World Record for biggest wave at Nazare

Big Wave Awards Winners 2018 - WSL

The Big Wave Oscars were delivered last night at a ceremony held in Santa Monica, California. There were 7 categories in the competition: Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave, Ride of the Year, Paddle Award, Tube of the Year, Wipeout of the Year, Women's Best Overall Performance and Men's Best Overall Performance.

Nazare, through the North Beach, had 11 nominations, reaching all categories except Tube of the Year. Of the 5 waves nominees for the biggest wave, Nazare had 4 nominations, winning the 1st prize, with a wave of 24,38 meters, surfed by the Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa. The World Record for the biggest wave was breaked. Congratulations!!

In addition to the biggest wave, Nazaré joins Andrew Cotton's Wipeout of the Year and Lucas Chianca, in Men's Overall Performance. Lucas had an outstanding performance throughout the season, always showing determination and passion. A clearly deserved prize! Congratulations!


1.XXL Quiksilver Biggest WaveRODRIGO KOXA
Place: North Beach, Nazaré, Portugal    Photographer: Pedro Cruz

2. Ride of the Year: IAN WALSH
Place: Pe'ahi, Maui- Hawaii        Videographer: Dan Norkunas  

3. Paddle AwardAARON GOLD
Place: Pe'ahi, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii    Photographer: Brent Broza

4. Tube of the Year: IAN WALSH
Place: Pe'ahi, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii    Photographer: Richard Hallman

5. Wipeout of the Year: ANDREW COTTON 
Place: North Beach, Nazaré, Portugal      Videographer: Pedro Miranda

6. Hydro Flask Women's Best Overall Performance:

PAIG ALMS at Pe'ahi, Haiku, Hawaii    Video: Dan Norkunas

7. Men's Best Overall Performance: LUCAS CHIANCA

Place: at North Beach, Nazaré, Portugal    Photographer: Vitor Estrelinha

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees! Check out the official WSL Big Wave Awards website for more details, photos and videos and keep up with the news as the Big Wave 2019 race has begun!

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