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Nazare Challenge 1st day

11 February event continues at 8am

Nazare Challenge 1st day

This Saturday the North Beach received the first day of Nazare Challenge, the Portuguese event of the Big Wave Tour. João de Macedo, Alex Botelho, Hugo Vau, António Silva and Nic von Rupp are the five big Portuguese surfers on this challenge.

The challenge started early in the morning and the 1st and 2nd heats were held. Lucas Chianca, Billy Kemper, Nathan Florence, João de Macedo, Hugo Vau and Pedro Calado played the 1st heat. Tom Butler, Carlos Burle, Aroon Gold, Alex Botelho, Peter Mel and Jamie Mitchel played the 2nd heat. Lucas Chianca, Billy Kemper, Nathan Florence, Alex Botelho, Peter Mel and Jamie Mitchel made it through to the first semi-final.

The conditions were adverse and the surfers had difficulties in catching the waves, due to the strong wind. We remember that in the Big Wave Tour the surfers have to catch the waves in paddle, no jet skis are allowed, which becomes a difficult challenge when the wind is not favorable.

After 3 hours of hold, the comissioners decided to finish the challenge for today. The wind changed direction and the safety conditions were not the ideas. The Nazaré Challenge is on standy and tomorrow at 7:30am there is a new check up on the conditions. If the event progresses, they must complete 5 events.

IMPORTANT: The Nazaré Challenge will go ON if the conditions are proper. The commissioners will check it out tomorrow morning.

WSL Live Video Nazare Challenge:

Remember some of the best moments of the day on the official website of WSL and check the Big Wave Tour ranking. Keep following the forecast and the local webcam of North Beach. Here are the amazing photos of today by André Botelho and Paulo Gonçalves. (click to enlarge)

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